Game & Watch Games For iTouch

gwWhen I saw a game called Crazy Eggs for iTouch and thought about trying it, I was pretty disappointed that it only sported a game and watch type game play. Back during the days when game and watch games were pretty much the only games out, they were enough to me. Because technology has evolved and still is, games nowadays are waaaaay different than before. I thought to myself, game and watch games could be ported to the iTouch. I was not wrong. Game and Watch games like this octopus thingy are ported to the iTouch.

Other games include fire where 2 hospital staff use a stretcher to catch people from the building and placing them in the ambulance, egg where a fox catches eggs laid by hens, chef wherein you must catch the fish cooked by the chef, else the mouse would get it. If you miss the old game and watch games of long ago, you can enjoy playing these classic games again with your iTouch.

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