Use Your Macbook’s DSL For Your iTouch

macbookAfter searching through the net if this was possible, I never had any luck getting the solution. A friend of mine who is used to using mac related stuffs taught me how to have your iTouch use your Macbook’s DSL. I thought that you need a WIFI connection for your iTouch to be connected. Then again, his tip did the trick. Do the following.

Open System Preferences

  • Go to Sharing
  • Select Internet Sharing but do not check the checkbox just yet.
  • On the right side of the panel, there should be a label called “Share your connection from:”. That is your DSL. Set the values below “To computers using:” Airport and Ethernet. Make sure both of those are checked. If, say, Ethernet is not checked, then your Macbook will not have any internet connection.
  • Then select the start button to start your internet sharing.
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