Heavy Mach For iTouch

heavymachThis new game from Indiean is a tank shooter with a movement similar to that of Metal Slug. When I saw this game, I was impressed with its graphics in the site so I thought of trying it out. Another game to keep me interested. This game is an arcade type shoot ’em game where you guide your tank by tilting your iphone left and right to move forward and backward. Tapping it makes your tank shoot weapons. On its default weapon, you can just lay your finger on the iTouch screen and it will keep on firing automatically.

At first, I was frustrated while playing this game because I could not find a way how to make my tank evade the enemy’s fire. I tried to double tap it to see if the tank would jump or something. Turned out, a level on the lower left of the iTouch screen is the tool to make your tank jump. You can have it double jump too, similar to how Metal Slug’s tank jumps hahaha (that brings back memories). Each mission is divided into 5 levels. As you play each level and mission, sooner or later you will gain experience and you will choose which upgrade for your tank you wish to add. Either movement, defense or attack (see photo below). Movement will make your tank move faster. Defense will add armor to your tank and attack will increase the firing times of your weapon. Along the way, when you destroy enemy tanks and helicopters, you can also add more ammo and life to your tank.


The game is very enjoyable. My only complaint with this is that it is pretty hard to switch to between weapons while in battle especially with an enemy boss. Sometimes, instead of jumping, I accidentally get to tap the weapons selection (since they are located side by side). Still, for a pretty cheap price, this is an awesome game. This is one of my favorites!

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