Tower Bloxx For iTouch

towerbloxxThis game by Digital Chocolate is the latest game that has gotten me and my wife currently hooked. The game play is pretty simple. The game starts with a crane at the top of your iTouch screen holding on to a building block. Tap once anywhere and the block falls on the surface. Then the next building block appears. Tap again to try and have it land straight on the next building block. If you manage to do that, you will have a combo possible. The combo has a short timer for you to try and have the next building block land exactly on the same place. If you are not successful, nothing bad will happen. Except that your building will start to get a bit shaky and placing the next available building block will not be easy.

As simple as the game play may look, you might think that the game can get boring pretty soon. Actually, it offers a lot of modes for you to play Tower Bloxx. It has a 2 player mode where both of you could tap on the iTouch screen on seperate areas and try to be the first one to finish building the building. This is not a fun mode though because if one player would tap the iTouch screen, it can disrupt the other player especially if his hand is near the edge of the iTouch. The game also has a city building mode where you build buildings on a land area which helps prolong the game and keep you hooked playing it. New building structures are made available as you progress to more levels.

The game features good graphics and a reasonably fair price for a simple and straightforward but enjoyable game.

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