Wordsworth For iTouch

wordsworthBookworm lovers, rejoice! There is finally a lookalike game for the iTouch in the name of Wordsworth. Although the visuals look different than that of Bookworm, its game play is mostly the same.

The tiles are displayed in a beehive like manner and you click on letters to form words in order to proceed to the next level. Play either in classic or timed mode.

If it is your first time to play Wordsworth, it is best to check out the help section to know what special tiles are part of the game and what they do. Compared to Bookworm’s flaming blocks, Wordsworth features tiles that contain a timer clock instead and you need to create a word that will include that tile or else …

Other special tiles include the blue tile which is considered a wildcard. Green and yellow tiles increase your score. You can tap the guy image on the lower left bottom of the iTouch screen if in case there will be no more words to be formed.

This games is one of the best there is and I am pretty happy that this game was created for the iTouch. Bookworm or not, Wordsworth is addicting as it is worth it.

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  1. Thanks for the brief review on WordsWorth. We sure do have a lot more to offer in the upcoming releases. Thanks again for helping us spread the word on WordsWorth out!

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