Sentinel For iTouch

sentinelAnother great Tower Defense game has come to the iTouch. Origin8’s Sentinel takes you to a StarCraft like world where the game play is taken to a different level. From other Tower Defense games that I played for the iTouch, this one has a unique feature. You can buy helper robots (maximum of 3) to repair your structures (walls) in case the enemies reach it and start attacking it. Your enemies are of 4 different varieties: The land based mutants which look like Star Craft’s zealots of the Protoss race, the flying insects which can only be zapped by your gun turrets and laser-type weapons (slowdown towers and bomb-thrower structures are useless against them), land based insects that look like cockroaches when zoomed out and can be pretty deadly when in packs as they move pretty fast (kind of reminds you of the Starship Troopers movie) and a big boss that walks pretty slow but can inflict heavy damages.


The game can be played in either easy, normal or hard mode and an endurance mode for every map will be available once you have finished the game. I only played the easy mode though haha. I think even in normal mode I will have a hard time considering easy mode was not very easy for me. The graphics for Sentinel is very impressive. You can zoom the display in and out by pinching your finger and thumb. The game does have a little drawback for me though, although just a tiny detail. Sometimes I do not like to wait for the “NEXT WAVE” display to appear and disappear. There should beĀ  a way for that to be skipped if let us say I tap on the screen. However, overall, this game is another must have for your iTouch. You can even submit your score online and compare it with other players around the world.

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