Game Controller For iPhone And iTouch

gamepadAs if the iPhone and iTouch units are not enough, ZodTTD, the creator of all those emulator games of past years now ported to Apple’s famous gadgets, has been working on a game control pad that can be hooked to the iPhone enabling us to freely play the emulator games without the worries of cramped space on the iPhone screen. They also are going to make one for the iTouch so this is quite big news for people who enjoy playing those old games from other consoles.

Remember though, that if this game controller were to become public for commercial use, this would only work for the emulator games. Although there is no official word on anything regarding game controllers for the iTouch, I do hope that soon, these would become a reality. It would make playing the games a lot easier on our part especially if touching buttons on the screen is required. Until then, keep your fingers crossed.

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