Wooden Labyrinth 3D For iTouch

woodenl3dFirst 3d Labyrinth game I have played for the iTouch, called Wooden Labyrinth 3D features the same game play as other labyrinth versions and more. What makes this game unique is that your view on the labyrinth is in 3D. Tilt your iTouch upward, downward, left or right, and you can see the inner sides of the walls and in between. They even have this nifty option to make you have to sort of drag the ball quickly so as to make it jump if the ball ends up on a dead end. The graphics is good as well as the sound effects both make this an enjoyable game that will get you hooked for hours.


There are lots of levels for this game and next versions would feature more levels. The game provides you options to let you adjust the friction of the board and the sensitivity of the tilting. You can also calibrate your iTouch so you could play in a variety of positions, like say, you are lying on the bed and your iTouch is slightly tilted. The game has its own music although you can listen to your own MP3s if you prefer so. Right before you even start playing the game, you can already play with the ball a bit by tilting your iTouch. The game is priced fairly and since Labyrinth type of games are typically enjoyable to play, this variation did not disappoint me as well.

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