Smartie Computers

smartieHaving PC troubles? Need to have people create a system for your business? Smartie Computers is a full service IT firm offering a variety of IT services ranging from pc repair, web hosting, helpdesk and customer service and even security auditing. Clients are not restricted to corporate and/or business field. They cater to even the simplest IT service like PC repairs, software installation and/or checkups to name a few. Simply put, their service is for everybody, whether you are just a single entity or part of a corporation.

Smartie Computers is not just any ordinary full service IT firm. Their clients include both startup and huge corporate firms so this tells a lot about them. They have even partnered with reputable well known companies like Microsoft, Intuit and GenaWeb. All services are given at affordable prices. You can call them up for any troubles, concerns and requests anytime since they are up 24/7 everyday. Smartie Computers Minnesotas Computer Repair, for all your IT services needs.

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