A Mystery At Work

my_computerOne thing that always baffles me is that barely does a software developer get a lot of love. If he does get some, then he is extremely lucky. Let us see now … software developers need powerful units to develop their tasks. By powerful units, I mean computers with the latest specifications. And I do not mean it for gaming purposes :P. However, it is quite often that people whose jobs require fast and powerful desktops for their work get pathetic and slow ones instead. Whereas people who have non-software development type of job specs get them. and ironically, only use Microsoft Office related applications 90% of the time.

If they so as much can justify that they need powerful laptops (get this, they are not even desktops), how much more for people involved with software development and say, perhaps quality assurance as well? Or perhaps you might want to request the latest laptop of a Macbook (I think the PRO has a powerful set of feauires than the ordinary Macbook) but you are only offered an older model because your company is not planning to buy any new ones for you. Then, you find out later on, some not even higher-up staff has one and all that person does has nothing to do with I.T development and/or maintenance related work. Hmmm, I guess the only thing I can comment regarding this is … That’s Life! haha. tsk. Life is cruel.

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