1. Thanks for the example. One thing I found I had to change was that the data string couldn’t use the html code for “&”. In other words,

    String data = “username=MYUSERNAME&password=MYPASSWORD”;

    otherwise, the server didn’t see the tag “password” in the request, the & either changes the tag to “amp;password”, or loses the tag altogether. I didn’t check which, just that for me removing the “amp;” substring made things work correctly.

    Thanks again. This and your other post were a big help to me!


  2. hey thanks for mentioning that pat. yes you are right. that was my mistake, the code got messed up when i switched from html code view to html view while composing that article. it happens. thanks for letting me know.

    glad it helped you. please leave a rating and do subscribe to yahoo and/or google reader. thanks

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