reimageWhen you talk about innovation, you could say Reimage Home Edition’s services have taken PC repairs to a whole new different level. It is a web based service that fully automates PC repairs, maintenance and optimization so any PC wil be like good as new. Well, not just look. It will work like a newly and freshly installed PC. Its powerful proprietary technology is what makes Reimage unique from other competitors and what makes them stand out from the rest. It has been around for a few years but it is already has made its presence felt because of its revolutionary services.

All you need is an Internet Explorer browser as it uses its proprietary ActiveX technology to do its scanning which is the foremost step in determining what repairs and cleanups are needed. Any problem from the usual virus, malware, antispyware, registry problems and the list goes on, let Reimage do it for you. This saves you valuable time as sometimes, with all the problems we encounter with our PCs, we cannot always solve and find the cause all the time. Just follow a few instructions and let Reimage fix your problems like online repair, computer repair and others while you wait till it is done. Repairs take a few minutes to finish up, like 10 minutes more or less.

Choose from among its affordable packages if you wish to have a PC repaired or a set group or a limitless number of desktops. What makes this a win-win situation for customers is that everything is money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results that Reimage gives to you. It is a hundred percent risk free situation. You can also undo the changes made to your system so it will revert back to its old state like Reimage had never touched it. How good is that? What also makes Reimage unique is that no other PC repair and/or registry repair software offers these kind of services in the market today. Because it has exclusive access to updated web repository of fresh system components, you can say spare parts can be taken from there and be used to fix up your PC problems.

Getting worried about security issues? Do not be. Reimage only collects information on your PC problems to help make its product better. Your personal and all sensitive information’s are left alone so you have nothing to worry about. Packages are divided into different sets of services so check out more on what they offer by checking their site for more information. To see a multimedia presentation on how it works, check out Video: How the technology works. You can also head on to their Reimage blog to see more about Reimage related stuffs.

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