New Streaming Gaming System On The Works

joystick-128x128Just read this cool tidbit in CNN’s tech portion. A new gaming system that is currently being developed by OnLive will have players stream games directly to their PC, Mac or even their very own high definition TV. If its business model will click and people will start to move on, this could put a damper on Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo’s business. Though we will not find out yet for now since it is currently in the works, its business model looks decent and promising. As long as the player has the minimum requirements, one can play the stream the game while playing it. One big advantage for this is that the player does not have to upgrade hardware and stuffs in order to play the latest games. Instead, OnLive will be the one who will do the upgrading to its backend servers so that players will continue to stream and play without the worries of any possible upgrades on their own unlike gaming consoles like PS3, Wii and XBox.

This is a neat technology to begin with and it may change the way how games will be played. As is the usual case, OnLive plans to offer trials so that players can then decide to have the option to play just one time or anytime via a subscription fee. This also removes the issue of piracy and can save distribution costs for publishers. Since players will be streaming and, say, watching on their TV, they can even watch other players play the game while they watch as spectators. Pretty cool huh. As I said, this can change the way how games are played much like how Apple introduced its iPhone to the world and now, lots of phone companies had scrambled making their own iPhone look-a-like versions. If all will go well, the bigtime players like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo may follow suit and for those who cannot to afford to buy such consoles and even the games themselves, it can be good news ;).

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