Justice League Heroes For PSP

superman1Justice League Heroes for the PSP is one of my favorite games. It was actually the first role playing adventure game that I finished. You play either of the Justice League’s superheroes Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, The Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Huntress, Aquaman. The game features easy medium and hard modes. Not all characters can be played right away. You start off with a few, and as you go deeper with each level, new characters will be unlocked. By blasting enemies you also get to earn experience which you can use to boost up speed, power and/or energy. Superman is funny here though since the flying characters have a height limit in which they can hover around. Still, the overall game is good and I enjoyed it pretty much (at easy mode haha).

You start up your adventure ending up at STARR labs and finding out about Braniac only to find out later on that there is much more to Braniac. You will encounter famous enemy baddies the Queen Bee, The Key, Killer Frost, Gorilla Grodd, the White Martians and Doomsday. This is typically a 1 player game. Even if the level requires you to choose 2 characters, you will have total control on only one of them at a time. The 3D animation is good, I enjoyed the short flicks in between levels. I did not regret having this game.

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