Avatar The Last Airbender For PSP

avatarThis neat game of the hit tv-series Avatar The Last Airbender for the PSP features RPG type play with the usual goals of defeating enemies and gaining experience and using them to upgrade a character’s fighting skills and techniques. The game features sequences where you manage a 4 team group, duo or single depending on the situation of the game. Fans of Avatar would surely love this as characters and the storyline hold true to the series.

You get to handle each character from Earth, Water and Air as you battle forest beasts, renegades and fire nation soldiers. If you do not have the patience to play RPG games though, you will not enjoy this one because you would have to fight through enemy lines to gain experience in order to upgrade your skills and techniques up to their maximum levels. Each character has their own special super power that can deal great damage to the enemies. As you move about in villages and temples, you can purchase additional stuffs to help you in your battles. Your money will come from boxes you destroy or enemies that you defeat. Once you take control of a character to fight the enemy, your other character is CPU controlled and does a good job of avoiding hits so you only need to concentrate on the character that you are controlling.


Individual enemies can be easily dealt with. The problem is when there are lots of them ganging up on you can greatly result in your defeat. As much as possible try to sneak up on them one by one rather than going to the middle and having them gang up on you. The game’s graphics is very neat and fans of the hit series will love that they can use their characters to do bending techniques (I did).

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  1. actually, james cameron’s avatar is not the same as this post. this post is about “avatar, the last airbender” based on Nickelodeon’s hit cartoon series.

  2. lol. a lot of people still mistake avatar the last airbender for the movie avatar

    don’t worry. there will be an avatar, the last airbender movie this year

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