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underworldsThis new game from Pixel Mines is the latest iTouch game that I am currently playing. It is a role playing game with the same game play as that of Diablo by Blizzard. You go around fulfilling quests, killing enemy baddies and gaining experience and powerups until you get to the last quest and finish the game. It is a good thing Underworlds has 4 modes of gameplay and I chose EASY mode right away. You move around using the compass-like navigation or you can just tap anywhere on the screen to have your character move to that destination. You choose from either 3 characters given and as you pick up loot like gold and weapons, you can change any weapon in your inventory if you feel that the one that your character just looted has better properties.

underworlds_screenshotWhichever type of character you choose, you are part of McTavish’s traveling caravan, simply living the life by taking odd jobs and protecting against the occasional Orc raider when a mysterious attack on the nearby town of Albrect forces you to lend your skills. As you gain experience after reaching a skill level, you choose exactly how to improve your character’s abilities. Add your strength to to add more damage, become nimble and accurate by focusing on dexterity, increase intelligence to unlock more feats, or work on your constitution to better withstand the onslaught of your enemies.

My complaints with this game are the following … Sometimes I prefer to just tap on the screen so my character can move around, I accidentally tap on the vitality ball which forces a vitality bottle to be consumed. It is a good thing I am currently playing on EASY mode. If it were the hardest mode, I would have ran out of health and vitality bottles not too long. It would have also been better if there was background music included. Plus, a map would help though I think they did this on purpose so that people who play EASY mode would take quite a bit of time to finish the game. A reminder of what the current task is greatly helps and a replay of the last previous conversation you had with idle characters (because some of them I plainly forgot what my character was told). The sound effects are good, as do the graphics. Still, a good investment playing this game.

iperiodWinkpass Creations created a useful iTouch application for women to use to keep track of their menstrual cycle. Input your current day when your period just started and it will mark the next possible menstrual date automatically. That is just one of the nifty features provided by the application called iPeriod. It keeps track of your period dates, lengths, symptoms and others related to your period. It will predict your future periods, alert you when your period is coming within the week and even alert you when your period is past due. The user interface is displayed with a calendar complete with icons and colors that represent symptoms, period days, regular cycle days, expected period days and others.

As one’s period is personal information, you can also set a password for your own privacy. These and more, only with iPeriod, a very useful tool for women and/or couples who wish to keep track of a woman’s menstrual period. Check out some screen shots below.


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