Spiderman Web Of Shadows Amazing Allies Edition For PSP

spidermanRecently finished this game and I would say this was very enjoyable. Although I played friendly mode, some bosses were not that easy to defeat like the Tinkerer’s robot. That took me time though. The game takes place between Venom and Spiderman and after you defeat Venom, you suddenly pass out only to find later on that the symbiote has attached itsel back to you … and everybody else. Parts of Venom’s symbiote have infected people and some famous Marvel characters including Luke Cage and Black Cat which you will have to fight it out with them as you go deeper into the game.

The game’s Amazing Allies Edition is what makes it unique. You can call up villains and heroes to give you a helping hand in times in need. I thought that you could use them as you play the game but it turned out they are some sort of a helper powerup in case you run into some trouble. As you play the game, you encounter people who give you missions if you choose to accept them. Points will also be rewarded to you if you refuse, that is, if you are wearing Venom’s symbiote. The game lets you choose which costume to use which totally brings an impact to how Spiderman attacks his opponents. The black suit would act as an attack mode while the red suit would immobilize enemies with its web. You can also upgrade skills and powerups to make your attacks and defenses stronger. Overall, a pretty good game for me. I did not bother playing the hard mode though haha.

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