Diamond Hunter For iTouch

diamond_hunterIf you are itching to own a diamond, you can enjoy one by playing Diamond Hunters for the iTouch. Created by Alcomi, it is a physics based strategy that is very entertaining game filled with puzzles that lets you do the mechanisms. You have walls, springs, teleports and conveyors among others which you can drag. The diamond must collect icons and get into the basket. Small diamonds are also at your disposal. With these, you can create and get to own the largest diamond. There is no game over per level. If you cannot solve it, then you are stuck with it. The level however, restarts back or you can manually restart the level if you do so wish. The game features great graphics (which I am a sucker of) and cute music and sound effects. The game starts with simple harmless tinks. But as the game progresses and you go deeper into the game, you will meet whirling circular saws which you have to watch out. Check out the screen shots below.


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