Sky Force Reloaded For iTouch

sfrWhen I learned Sky Force Reloaded was ported to the iTouch I was very excited. This was one of my most favorite games in my Sony p990i mobile phone. The game features the same levels as in other format. This product from Infinite Dreams is an award winning and highly acclaimed vertical shooter. It features 3d interactive objects, outstanding graphics, special effects, high quality soundtrack and 100% of pure gameplay. There are 8 levels in all with plenty of enemies, interactive environment elements, upgradable weapons, dynamic weather (rain, clouds, wind) which can hamper where enemies are in the screen and a high score list.

In my Sony p990i, I made use of playing the game by using a stylus pen. Since the iTouch does not have one, you have to make use of your finger, as with all other games. The problem I had with playing this is that my finger is too big to play on the screen I have a hard time knowing if my ship got hit or not. The stylus pen is much thinner and I can easily navigate my ship anywhere. The firing can be set to automatic (which is a good idea rather than tapping on the screen all the time to fire at enemies). The graphics are not quite that good in the iTouch version. It was more like a low resolution game compared to how it is displayed in the Sony p990i mobile phone. At least that is my experience playing the game. Try it out. Maybe you will be comfortable playing it in the iTouch using your finger. As far as shooter games are concerned, I love this. Check out some screen shots below.


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