Mazetrix For iTouch

mazetrixMazetrix by Webfoot Technologies, Inc. is a fast paced puzzle challenge. Yes fast. Because you have a timer to be aware of to try and finish the level’s puzzle or else it is game over. Yes, you heard me right. Game over. It would have been better if you can restart the level once time runs out. It was pretty frustrating for me to have to restart all over again. Although the puzzles vary even when you start from the beginning, I do not know. I guess it wore off on me that I had to restart again. People who love fast paced games will love this. The challenge of beating the clock and clearing the level. The objective if the game is to match the sequence of gems by moving them across the maze, horizontally and/or vertically.

You will start out with 3 gems and as you go deeper with each level, more and more gems need to be lined up in the same order. Good luck! Haha. I enjoyed it at first but later on got frustrated when I was beaten by the clock timer and I had to restart all over again. The graphics are good, the music too. Languages are available in English, French, Spanish which you will be asked which to use before you start playing the game. Check out some screen shots below.


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  1. I just got the full version of this game and must say that it was the best game that I have seen at the App Store in a long long time.

    Great graphics and game play.

    Good for a minute or an hour.

    A MUST BUY!!

  2. I dont find it frustrating but challenging, and I kinda got addicted to it. But I can see your point, maybe it should include a practice mode with no timer, but its a great game anyway!

    Thanks for the find!

  3. yes i agree. the timer is fine. but there should be an option for no timer because some people (like me) do not like those kind of challenges haha.

  4. Addicting? I made a huge mistake: my girlfriend wanted to see what I was playing with and I let her play with it. I had just passed 100000 points at level 15 and I figured I’d let her play with it for 10 minutes. You know long enough for me to get a coke and eat a few slices of pizza. She’s really not into games all that much. Not only an hour later she was still playing with it, but she also blasted my high score with over 200000 at level 20. Then she showed it to one of her friend who got addicted as well, and they’re battling each other for the high score. My name is long gone from the top 5 🙁 I’m not sure if now she comes to see me or my iTouch, but what matters is that she comes to see me, and have a good time, so it’s the best $1.99 I ever spend for so many hours of fun. Two thumbs up for Mazetrix!

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