Malicious Program Targets Macs

macSo there seems to be a new malicious program that targets Mac of which the cause comes from pirated versions of iWork. While the effect is not so severe, as once your unit becomes part of a botnet (your unit becomes part of a network controlled by the author of the virus) when infected with it, I still do not like the notion that my Macbook is infected with something. Guess it is time for people to use anti virus softwares for the Mac. It can be a pretty good news for anti virus software makers as people would then purchase one so that their Macs will be protected.

So starts the end of Mac’s so called invulnerability to malwares and viruses. It was only a matter of time that this will happen and it finally did. For noobs who have no idea about technology stuff, they think that Macs are immune to it even the fact that Apple boasts the same thing. It is never immune. It was only like that because not much people use Mac OS. Hackers target Windows because of its user base which they can victimize quite a lot whereas comparing it to the number of people using Mac OS is still a huge difference. But I did notice that more and more people have switched on to Mac and that can only mean hackers will take interest on it. As I said, it was only a matter of time …

CNN has an article about this. Click here to read more about it.

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