How To Uninstall McAfee VirusScan For Mac OS

mcafeesecuritycNormally, deleting an application in Mac OS is just a simple thing to do. Delete the .app application and that is it. Or, to fully clean everything up, you use some 3rd party application like in my case AppDelete. However, McAfee VirusScan in Mac OS does not work like that. When I deleted that application, whenever I plug in my USB, it still pops up a window and scans everything inside it. So it seems the only solution for me was to re-download the installer again and, after extracting it, look for the uninstall command file that comes along with it.

Open the Terminal application and drag the uninstall file there. Everything then will follow. That’s it. McAfee VirusScan fully uninstalled.

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  1. Thanks! I have been searchin’ for this info all day now. My dell is not running like used to and I need to figure out how to fix it quickly. I have bookmarked your blog so other users can find it to on delicious.

  2. Hi,

    I am having trouble unistalling McAfee on my Mac. I have reinstalled the program and have used the ‘terminal’ application, which requires me to input a password. I don’t know what password the are after as my computer doesn’t have one set. It’s driving me nuts.
    Any advice?

    Thank you in advance.

  3. Go to applications and find site improver? I think its called Definiatly starts with Site open it, McAfee will be in there just uninstalled it and it’ll be gone from your toolbar.
    It slows your internet down. Takes over like a virus.
    I even rang McAfee that was even useless just like their software. The password is your Mac password to install programs, hope this helps Cheers Hamish

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