If your Vector object contains a set of custom class objects with a property of int and you want it to sort in ascending order, you can do it like this.

The getNumber() method contains the int value that will be used as basis to sort them in ascending order. To sort them in descending order, simply add a – (negative) sign after the keyword return.

AC Toys posted more new images of the Tomy Takara Device Label Tansformers product in full color. The products vary between USB Hub (Blaster), USB Drives (Tigatron and Ravage), and Mice (Grimlock and Trypticon) to make some very cool looking devices with alternate modes as beasts or robots. The best model of them all is Ravage while Blaster is alright in my opinion. Tigatron looks like Ravage and does not closely resemble the Tigatron in Beast Wars Transformers. Trypticon and Grimlock look deformed.


Man, toys these days are unbelievable. And this one just keeps getting better. Those who remember the first generation of Transformers know that Ravage of the Decepticons transforms into a cassette tape. A Ravage USB drive will be out in the market. The storage is only 2GB and priced at 43$ but hey, this looks tempting.


I might want to buy one myself. This Ravage USB is slicker than its tape counterpart. Here is hoping other of Soundwave and Blaster’s tapes like Rat Bat, Laserbeak, Rumble, Frenzy, Slugfest, Steeljaw, Ramhorn, Rewind and Eject, will be made in the future.

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