TV Show King For iTouch

tvshowkingThis is the most enjoyable game for the iTouch that I have played so far that features trivia type gameplay. This is way better than Who Wants To Be A Millionaire for the iTouch too. The game, developed by Gameloft, is based on a WiiWare game, and presents a full-featured trivia-based game show with many bonus features, including a wheel-of-fortune type round where your spin can either swap your points to another player, lose everything you have, double your amount and more.

Enjoy the game with questions on all kinds of subjects in a game that features animated colorful characters including a host,tvshowking DJ, and a crowd. The game also provides multi-player mode so you can play with your friends who have iTouch themselves. Characters can also be customized according to your liking. Points per question increases per round. You have the option to set a round to more than 3 round per game and the top two highest pointer after those rounds will bring it on in the final round. The one who gets the 5 questions correct is the winner. You can even submit your score online. The questions vary from categotry to category so chances of seeing the same question again is small. Apart from enjoying playing this game, you can also learn something from it too. This is one of my favorite games for the iTouch and the price for it is a good deal to begin with.

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