ChocChocPop For iTouch

chochocpop_playA Bejeweled clone game from EpicForce that features mouth watering chocolate images. The game play is the same for the classic and arcade mode. Move items horizontally and vertically to match 3 or more chocolates. Once you make a set of matches, the heart symbol fills up with chocolate syrup. Once the heart gets full, you move on to the next level. As you move on to more levels, the variety of chocolates increases. The only difference between the classic and arcade mode is that there is a timer involved in the arcade mode. If you do not make a match during a set interval, your heart filling lessens. When it gets empty, the game ends.

The game also features a puzzle mode wherein you are given a few number of chocolates and a limited number of available moves. The goal of this mode is to clear out and match all chocolate items with the given number of moves allowed. The first few levels is easy and later on may be a bit hard as you move on the next levels. Luckily, you will not start from the beginning if you do not manage to solve a level. At least it will restart the same level for you to try again. The graphics is awesome and the sound is pretty amazing. This game is as enjoyable as it is addicting. You will not be sorry!

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