Diamond Islands For iTouch

diamon_islandDiscover Diamond Islands, Digital Chocolate’s iTouch game that provides an incredibly fun and exciting puzzle game that will get you hooked up for hours and hours. Packed with 100 islands of puzzle fun, strategy and obstacles, the game play is pretty simple. Explore the archipelagos hidden treasures including, a tropical paradise, volcano and ancient ruins, uncovering the secrets of the spells gallery as you go. Gather diamonds while you move your totem around and once you gather them all, placing your totem on the end point to move on to the next island. Sounds simple right?diamon_island

Well yes. When you start off, puzzles are simple. But as you move on to the next island, you will find out that the puzzles get more challenging like finishing the puzzle within a limited number of moves. The graphics are good as is the tribal like music. Moving your totem around is easy. Either tilt or shove the totem around the island to solve puzzles and collect the diamonds. You can also unlock special spells in the process (though I do not know if the spells have any significant use, I do not see any way of accessing them or something). Still, this game is a good one to add to your iTouch collection. Kudos to Digital Chocolate for creating another fun iTouch game.

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