BrainTuner For iTouch

brain_tunerBrainTuner for the iTouch from Gengar Studios is a simple math game wherein you are given a set number of questions and you only have to tap two buttons that says if it is wrong or right. You select either 20, 60 or 100 problems in one go. Then, answer as quickly as possible to obtain the highest time in finishing all problems without an error. If you manage to answer a problem wrong, it can affect your time results. Options are provided to have addition, subtraction, multiplication and division enabled or disabled. Other choices include having the option to turn on or off wild numbers, positive and negative integers.brain_tuner

The game is offered as a lite version for those who want to try out and check out the game which you can get it for free. The premium version though, which ain’t free this time, features more options to have a really more enjoyable and challenging game (like adjusting the difficulty level). As simple as this game is, it can be pretty addicting and challenging at the same time. Challenge your friends and see who gets to answer all the problems with the least time doing them. This is one of the must have games for your iTouch that I heavily recommend. You will not regret this.

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