Pet Porte Microchip Smart Flap

SmartflapTechnology has evolved in a lot of ways and a lot of things. One of them is a 2nd generation microcip cat flap. Where cat claps of before were not as effective at keeping other uninvited guests in your home , this second generation cat flap does just that. All the while keeping your cat safe and giving it a broader sense of freedom, security and easiness. The Pet Porte Smart flap can keep other cats out of your home whilst letting only your cat in and out anytime. How is this possible? With a microchip implanted in your pet cat, it can easily pass through the cat flap anytime and without problems. The size of cat flaps also vary depending on the breed of cat that you own. Pet Porte has cat flaps for large cats like Main Coon and Norwegian Forest cats.. Hey, it can even be used by little dogs and puppies. The Pet Porte microship cat flap’s unique design makes it impossible from outside intrudes to get the door open. Its material does not consist of rubber or foam which can enable it to be pulled towards any intruding animal. The best news of all. They deliver to any part in the world. Take advantage of this great revolutionary technology and let your cat(s) enjoy the freedom and security that they deserve.


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