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windowslogo_256x256Wow, I just read today that China has announced it would indefinitely postpone a mandate requiring all personal computers sold in the country to be accompanied by a controversial content-filtering application. If that software is in my desktop, I would be feeling uneasy knowing that everything I do, surf, type, whatever may not be possible in some cases because of that filtering. It is always good to know what is going on with your country and that filtering software will surely minimize content regarding politics. While its main purpose they say is to filter pornography, there will be other purposes not divulged to the public.

It is their government so they can do pretty much anything they want. But it would be a good thing if people would know everything that is happening in their country rather than hiding some of the truth from them. The software is good for Windows based PCs. If the software were to be installed now, it is a good time to buy a Macbook ;).

javascript_cheat_sheetjavascript_cheat_sheetHow about that? A Javascript reference application for the iTouch. Even expert Javascript programmers need references to methods, properties and syntax from time to time. I for one, use Google quite a lot to search for things I need regarding Javascript. If you do not have any internet access though, you got a problem. But if you have Javascript Cheat Sheet in your iTouch, you can easily look up what you need. Use it as a quick reference or if you are still new to JavaScript, use it to better understand what JavaScript it is about and what it can do.

This is a native application that is searchable and has a friendly user interface to help you quickly find what you are looking for. The categories are useful and well defined. The application includes descriptions, properties and methods for working with strings, dates, arrays, math, DOM, regular expressions and others. This cheat sheet is written and reviewed by professional web developers that use Javascript on a daily basis. Free updates are also available to give you the most updated Javascript specification reference for the iTouch.

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