What’s With Page Rank?

It seems Google Page Rank updates do not happen every 3 months as people say they do. My friend told me his blogs suddenly changed page ranks when the  quarterly schedule did not happen yet. You see a lot of articles with regarding page ranks so I am not going to discuss what that is all about. What this post is all about is the irony that Google penalizes sites that sell links to up the advertiser’s site’s page rank. This holds true with paid blogging. I still notice that advertisers require blogs with high page rank when they want someone to write articles. The irony here is that paid blogging sites require you not to place the rel=”nofollow” attribute in hyperlink HTML tags. It is that requirement that causes blogs’ page ranks to be penalized and yet, advertisers still emphasize that they need blogs with high page ranks. See the irony?

While paid blogging sites do not necessarily restrict giving opportunities to bloggers whose blogs have zero page ranks, the percentage is high that those blogs with zero page ranks would barely get anything at all. You would certainly know that something is wrong with your site’s page rank if you do not get any more opportunities. No matter how people would rant about Google’s rules, they can do nothing about it. It is Google’s rules after all. And it is not like people are paying for it that they have a right to be mad or pissed or something. It is theirs. And they can do anything they want. Sad fact.

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  1. Today in the morning I suddenly found that my blog has got a PR.I used to think that Google updates it quaterly.So it was a real surprise to me.

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