SG Mahjong For iTouch

sg_mahjongFinally! A mahjong game for the iTouch that features all 4 players playing against each other. The game play is the same as in real mahjong and it offers modes of easy, normal and hard. This can be a good alternative for the mahjong gambler because at least you do not get to lose real money right?

The interface is pretty easy. Mahjong actions are displayed as english words like gong, chow and pong to name a few. If your chow option has more than 1, 2 or more buttons will be displayed letting you choose which tile you want to use to chow. This is one must have game for the mahjong lover. The animation is a bit dragging though. When you throw in a tile into the middle area, the time it takes from the player’s end to there is a bit slow in my view. And sometimes, the response reaction from your finger tap to drag the tile to the waste area sometimes lets me throw in the wrong tile.
I thought at first there was some bug because I had like 2, 2, 2, and 4 all in chinese and was waiting for either a chinese 3 or 4. Someone did throw in a 3 but I did not win. I was thinking that maybe Singapore and Chinese mahjong are played the same way but I guess it is not since I did not win that round. I stopped playing this one because it seems the rules are different from Chinese mahjong. Still, over all, no complaints here. It is real mahjong right at your fingertips. A good game from Gamefront that features a clean and clear GUI that comes with all SG Mahjong rules including 13 Terminals hand if you can do it and actions like bites and gongs are part of the game.

You can select from 9 avatars and use your own name for playing. The game lets you save your progress and a tracking system that tracks your wins and losses. An important note though, if you quit a round in the middle of it, the penalty is huge.

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