China Mahjong 2 For iTouch

china_mahjong2I had to try this game right away after SG Mahjong disappointed me because I am not familiar with its rules. I play real mahjong at home and I am assuming that the rules that are used when we play are the same rules that apply to China Mahjong 2. Well, the rules are correct and the same but I am a bit confused with its point and payment system. It is totally different from ours. Still, I could care less since it is the game that is important to me and not how points are paid up.

You can play in either easy, normal or hard mode. Before a game starts, die is rolled to determine who gets to pick the 1st set of tiles (simulating real mahjong). You cannot see your other 3 opponents tiles unless they either pong, kong or chow. The user interface is pretty good and the game I have no complaints on it.
You just have to be careful on one thing though. When you do a chow and it asks you which set of tiles you to chow, be wary after you choose because the tile next to it might be accidentally thrown into the waste area. I have experienced that problem more than once so just be careful with it, else you would lose your chance of winning the game.

After each game, you get to see your winnings and losses. I guess the other object of the game is to get the highest points of your winnings. This is really a good game and I heavily recommend this to any mahjong lover out there.

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