Best Feature Of iPhone 3GS?

bluetoothWhile Apple has boasted iPhone’s newest feature is its faster processing power than its older models, for me its best feature is the incorporation of bluetooth technology within. Why? It can allow people to play multiplayer games via bluetooth rather than the tedious and impossible WIFI option. WIFI option is pretty nasty because I would have to look for a WIFI hotspot or have ony myself just to play a game in multiplayer mode. With bluetooth in the new iPhone, this negates the requirement of having WIFI to establish multiplayer capabilities. I do not have an iPhone, only an iTouch and there is no new model of iTouch yet so no bluetooth feature. I might get tempted though, if the next model of iTouch will have bluetooth inside.

That way, I can play mutliplayer games all I want without having to worry about finding a WIFI hotspot to establish multiplayer connections. Of course, if you do get to play multiplayer games via bluetooth, other iTouch users need to have bluetooth inside their gadgets as well. For now, it will be iPhone owners who will enjoy multiplayer games via bluetooth.

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