Beware The WordPress White Screen Of Death

wordpressI did try to upgrade my WordPress to version 2.8 from 2.7. Twice, I could not understand why when I go to my dashboard, the page is just all blank. I quickly cancelled the 2.8 installation and reverted back to version 2.7. Today, when I tried again, I was forced to search for some answers because I got hit by the white screen of death again. I actually did a backup of the database first so I was confident that nothing would go wrong this time. Turns out I was given another problem, the posts did not appear in the blog when I tried to import the backup SQL file to a different blog site.

It seems that in version 2.8, the WordPress database tables have been renamed like from posts to wp_posts. Still, the white screen of death was a bigger problem for me because I had no idea why. After some searching, the cause of this problem is because some plugins are not compatible with version 2.8. Since your dashboard is now all blank, the only way for you to reset your plugins would be to rename your plugins folder to something else and create a plugins folder. That way, you can see your dashboard again. You can slowly transfer your plugins 1 by 1 and see which one is making it incompatible.

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  1. Well,
    i got the same prob at the moment with 2.9 wordpress. It seems that the db imported couldnt be loaded. Any new installations works.

    well, i know it’s relative to the db but i cant see how or why.. either the size (i deleted by step each table and nothing better)
    i tried different encoding format (interclassement or forcing the utf8 format)

    what happen in wordpress?

  2. im not sure about the db problem because my only problem with this was because of plugin incompatibilities.

    you would have to transfer the plugins one by one to see which ones works and which one screws your wordpress. then download a version compatible

  3. tks for reply.

    well, i tried to at first. replacing all thé content folder by an original one.
    nothing was better.
    isnt It a good way to Check for the plugins compatibility? (replacing method)

    sry for my bad writing. im a foreigner.

  4. if you have access to your site, rename the plugins folder to some other name.

    create a plugins folder then transfer those plugins and activate each one of them, checking which one screws it up. once you find it which plugin(s) screw(s) your wordpress, you can download their latest versions

    if you do not have access to your wordpress system files, i have no idea how to work around this

  5. i see..
    the fact is that i couldnt perform that action with the bdd i would to load.

    Is there a way to desactivate the plugin via the bdd? (sry, i havnt looked for this way yet, i’ve just all powered off)

    thanks again for your interrest.

  6. no no, only reinstall a clear wordpress if you have no other way to access your wordpress physical files.

    if you have ftp, then you surely can access your wordpress files and folders.

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