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learnSo what is learn.com about? It provides Elearning courses of various kinds for users who want to make themselves better in terms of which area they want to improve on. Getting a good job is not easy these days. And your dream job for sure will not be any easier. I am pretty happy and contented with my job. Still, there will always be better offers and jobs than what you have currently right now. To be able to have a good chance of landing your dream job, Learn.com has a multitude of courses from various categories that can help you improve on what you need and/or want to develop. They even have some free ones in their Personal Edition Learn Center.

I am an I.T. guy, but I have always thought of having my own business so I tried their free course called “Choosing a Business”. This course provided me with an overview of the options in creating either a new business from home, buying a franchise, buying an existing business or joining a partnership. I am lazy when it comes to reading books, but this course sure gave me quite a lot of insight about having a business.

One great feature with Learn.com is that you can create your own course which can also be used by other users who may be interested with it. In the process, you will be rewarded with a percentage of profits generated by your course.


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