Tap Of War For iTouch

tap_of_warTap of War is marketed by Spokko and I was mad at myself for finding out about this game after so many years of having an iTouch. The game play is pretty simple, just like a tug of war game. In this case, tap slots are provided where you can use your finger to keep on tapping until you pull the player’s ribbon towards you. It is a freely downloadable application that is cool enough to make your tapping worthwhile. There are lines on the top and bottom of your screen to specify your goal.

When you tap the button, the rope along with the flag that is similar in color moves closer to the goal line. If the player manages to get his flag across the line, he wins. If the player opposite to you manages to get his flag across the line you stand to lose.tap_of_war

The game can either be single player or versus mode. If you play in single player mode, there will be levels where you go up against the game’s artificial intelligence. As you move on to more levels, your opponent gets harder. A pro version (not free) of the game exists that includes additional features like global high score ranking, new graphical engine, new interface design, new animations and new sounds.

Just do not overplay this game. You might get finger cramps or in the process might injure them. My wife kept tapping the iTouch hard since she could not beat me even when I gave her a headstart haha.

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