Apple Tablet?

arttabletfromWhile there already have been rumors circulating about a possible Apple Tablet device coming out, this would be pretty cool. Imagine a larger version of an iPhone or iTouch, capable of doing the same things, plus if developers would create applications for that, the features could be endless. While Table PCs did not become a hit, I believe Apple has a chance to make it big here. First of all, it is Apple . Plus the fact that if you envision having a larger version of an iPhone, how good would it be to have it serve as an alternative for a TV?

It is said though that they are targeting the e-book industry worth billions of dollars. While they have been successful with music and AppStore, this could be their next goal. People into e-books would not have to pay the whole book just to read, say a few chapters. They can easily select parts of the e-book for a set amount of price. Who knows, since the size of this tablet would be big, they could supply a keyboard interface right on the screen.

Not all people may find this useful though like myself. I mean, the conventional keyboard is still the best way to go which is one huge reason why I never bought an iPhone and chose an iTouch instead. While a keyboard interface on a tablet would be nice, this is just my hunch. Who knows if the Apple Tablet is real. I hope so …

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