Iron Man : Aerial Assault For iTouch

ironmanFrom Paramount Digital Entertainment, Iron Man : Aerial Assault brings Marvel’s tin can superhero to the iTouch featuring the same weaponry that we see in TV shows, comics and in the movie. The game makes heavy use of the accelerometer and touch functions are you go through trainings and missions.

Engage a variety of menacing enemies in mid-flight through a series of melee combat quick-time events. Battle through 12 levels as you hone your flying and shooting skills. Weapons of Iron Man include repulsor blasts, lasers, missiles and his patented Unibeam. You can fire weapons through the tap of your thumb.ironman

The game has good music and sound effects plus outstanding graphics although I had a hard time tilting my iTouch left and right while maneuvering Iron Man through enemies and motherships. Or maybe it is just me. I am not good with maneuvering Iron Man. Overall, this is a pretty good and decent game. You should check it out if you the game play suits your preference.

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