Confirmed Technorati Ranking Drop Because Of Site Downtime

technoratiTsk. So I guess it is confirmed. When my site went down because of the hosting provider’s system maintenance and upgrades, it affected my Technorati ranking immensely. I was surprised that most rankings in my sub-domains went down to more than a million. That is a pretty big leap. I thought, maybe Technorati’s side had a glitch or something. After a day, the rankings went back up. But not as near as the ones that my blogs currently had. One even had around 70k+ in rank and now it is at around 170k+.

Boo to my hosting provider. I emailed them about the downtime and they even told me that my sites should not be affected. Yeah right. Look what it did to my Technorati rankings. What a bummer. It will take months for me to get the Technorati rankings that I had before. Sigh*.

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