One Remote To Control Them All

neohdOne remote to control them all. Sounds like Lord of the Rings huh? Although post is about the technical side of it. The most annoying thing when you have different brands of gadgets and/or devices that are accompanied with remote controls is that each remote control is different from one another. With a multitude of buttons available to press, majority of them are pretty useless. I usually only have use for the basic functions. Worse, because there are so many of them, I tend to use the controller device itself rather than the remote control. Check out our DVD player remote controls that we have at home. Too many buttons right? Pretty frustrating if I say so myself.
Yamaha launched a new product called NeoHD where you can use different devices like DVD players, HDTV screens, iPods, game consoles, USB, internet radio and Applet TV among others through a media controller. The user friendliness of the remote control is what makes it intuitive because it has only a few buttons that does most of what people need. Better yet, its graphical user screen interface list is clean and simple where you can watch videos, listen to audio and play games. Yamaha’s NeoHD can also display popup menus and a virtual remote control on the bottom of the screen. The popup menu items provide quick access to a variety of functions. The virtual remote control meanwhile makes it easier to control your connected components.

You know what is great? You can have the chance to win your very own Yamaha neoHD. Just visit and search for the Yamaha neoHD Sweepstakes . You can also find them in Facebook. What do you think of NeoHD? I think this is very convenient and its simplistic approach is what makes it even more unique. One remote to control them all, is the ultimate total convenience!


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