Search Tips In Google

googleWhen we search something in Google, every keyword in the phrase separated by a space character is used as one individual search keyword. Sometimes this may not be what you want. Instead, you want to find the most relevant search results based on the keywords that you use. Here are some good tips on how to do it.

” search. use the double quote to enclose the keyword(s) so that search results will be displayed wherein the keywords within the enclosed double quotes are together.

+ search. phrases or common words like the, of and “a” to name a few are important to the keyword (say a movie title), you use the symbol + (plus) and precede it before the word itself. e.g. +the transformers

– search. use the – (minus) symbol to exclude a word that could possibly end up in search results that accompany your other words.

~ search. use the ~ (tidle) symbol and precede it before the word in case you want to look for search results that are synonymous to this word.

OR search. use the OR word (uppercase) to look for search results where you encounter keywords with two choices. e.g. city OR state

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