Scumm VM Games For iTouch

scummvmWow! It is good to see quite a number of Scumm VM games ported to the iTouch. The latest one I found is Simon the Sorceror Part 1. Yeah, there is a part 2 for Simon the Sorcerer. These point and click classic games were hits during their heydays and fans of adventure type games will be happy to know that they are ported to the iTouch.

In my case, I did not get any of them because I think it can be tedious to keep on tapping and you do not get to solve the puzzle. Unlike desktop versions where you can just use the right click of the mouse to automatically have the character to something right away rather than clicking on USE action, then clicking on the item. With a right click, it can do it automatically although it does not work in some cases (but only a few cases). If you are patient with tapping all the time, then you will enjoy these type of games. I am sticking to my Scumm VM Mac OS version and take advantage of the mouse.

Still, it is great to see them available for the iTouch. Even Myst 1 got ported. I am pretty sure there will be more to come.

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