Do The Write Thing: Samsung Omnia II

504x_omnia2Samsung mobile just keeps getting better. Bringing cool, hip and tech savvy mobile phones out to the market, they just released a new one now. Called Samsung Omnia II, it features ultra brilliant AMOLED display, touch optimized user interface, 5 megapixel camera, optimal internet access, GPS and enhanced GPS and a complete set of mobile office applications for your everyday document needs. This do it all mobile phone can also be yours by joining a contest that Samsung is holding in relation to the Omnia II’s launching.

The mechanics are simple. Samsung takes advantage of the power of blogging so basically anyone can join. They will pick 3 finalists to compete against two established bloggers from Singapore to win Samsung Omnia II and prize money worth $6,800. The aim of the contest is simple. Who can be the most popular social marketer in Singapore? Each blogger will pick a resolution and given a Samsung Omnia II, use their blogs and other social networking sites to tell the whole world of their life and everyday challenges. The blogger who attracts the most followers will win the contest.

Even those who vote for the finalists will also get a chance to some cash prizes. It is a win win situation for all of you. What are you waiting for, check out Omnia II Blog ErVolution – Do the Write Thing and you might just get to win some amazing prizes.


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