When Is The Next Pagerank Update?

pagerankAnyone knows when the next pagerank update for 2009 will be? Last time I noticed it was in June and there has not been any changes since. I thought it would be this August 1st, but there was no activity. I am guessing it may be September but I really cannot be sure.

All you SEO peeps or who keep track when pagerank updates happen, when do you think the next pagerank update will be? I want my pagerank back! (Who doesn’t?)

Kind of looking forward to the update since I did some changes to my blog that, hopefully I will get to see an increase in pagerank. Till then, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. Dear friend, I heard that the next update may happen anytime this month. Usually google update happens once in 3 months but I heard from my friend that google is doing an update every 45 days starting from this month.

  2. They usually update very 3 months, but this is only a rough pattern. It has been known to be 6 months between updates, so its anyone’s guess really! It is likely to be fairly soon though.

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