Amy Gets A Tan For iTouch

amyHave you experienced giving a chick a good tan. If you have never tried it on a girl, well, Contraptionz Games will teach you how to do so with Amy Gets A Tan. Help Amy get a tan. It is summer time and Amy is headed to beach. In a 3D immersive environment, interact with Amy in real time!

Move, look and turn on the beach. Help her apply lotion to get the perfect tan. Do your best to keep Amy happy. For me, the game is the kind that can be good for a few times. There is nothing much else in this game aside from making sure you give Amy a good tan. Happy or not, you go back to tanning Amy again from the start for a new round. Still, if you really are intent in having good tanning skills to do on women, this game can be a fun simulation to start practicing with.

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