Pigeon Found to be Faster Than Broadband

pigeonWhat do you know. There are still cases where a flight pigeon carrying something can be faster than transferring the file through the internet. If you are an internet user in South Africa on the Telkom ISP, you might have better results with the old ways.

(Content from Tom’s Hardware) A worker at a Durban IT company was very unhappy with the performance of Telkom’s ADSL speed. As a result, he decided to pit a carrier pigeon armed with a 4 GB USB stick against a plain file transfer.

Winston the pigeon won.

By the time Winston reached his destination, only 4 percent of the file had transferred. The BBC report does not specify the full size of the file, but did say that Winston completed his journey in 1 hour and 8 minutes, while the internet transfer required an additional hour to complete.

ISP Telom said that it couldn’t be held responsible for the slow transfer speeds to the IT company, as it has helped to advise the company in possible improvements, but thus far none have been accepted.


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