Using Snow Leopard

snow_leopardFinally installed Mac OSX’s latest operating system called Snow Leopard. I just did an upgrade because I do not want to fresh install it from scratch since I already have lots of files in place and I do not want to transfer them to another folder to back it up then have them transferred again to my laptop. At least if I had two partitions it would have been alright but my hard disk drive only has one partition and I have never attempted to divide it, so there.

So what can I say about Snow Leopard so far? Well, the look and feel is kept intact like it is just the same operating system to me. It is obvious that most of the changes, upgrades and improvements lie within the operating system’s core and functionalities. I noticed that the speed on how applications run and do their work is significantly faster than before. Really.

I was told that the JDK (Java Development Kit) version for Snow Leopard is 1.6 while any old version of JDK will be removed. I believe my friend was right. My free space jumped to 10GIG more. Seems that any old versions will be removed. That is pretty dandy. It just sucks though because my favorite Aquarium screensaver cannot be used in Snow Leopard. Other than that, I think performance is pretty good and the improvement is worth it. Any of you who ain’t still Snow Leopard, upgrade now ;).

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