iFarms For iTouch

ifarmsIf you have played flash games in Facebook like FarmTown and Farmville, then iFarms (notice the ‘s’, there is also an iFarm game that is totally different from this one) is no different. Game play is pretty simple. Plant, harvest, sell. With your rewards you can customize your farm to the farm that you want. Make your wish come true.


Cute graphics, this is an impressive game which can get you addicted. The tap feature, when used is alright since the iTouch screen is not fairly big unlike if this game were to be on a desktop, then it is a different story.

The possibilities are endless. Use your creativity in creating your dream farm from scratch. Overall, I think this is a fairly good game to have for the iTouch especially those who are hooked to games like FarmTown and Farmville.

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