Crosak For iTouch

crosakCrosak is another arcade game set in a prehistoric 3D world. Move, jump and destroy the enemies. An action game with platformers’ style combined with stunning 3D graphics and intuitive gameplay. You get to encounter enemies like dinosaurs, cavemen and more. You also get to fight against 3 powerful bosses.

The game also features different environments like a flaming volcano, jungle and a dinosaur graveyard. Survive and finish the game proving you are the best warrior. The game has an online score ranking to show the best gamers for Crosak. Challenge your friends to see who is better.


You can also play in free mode where you can solely concentrate to be a great Crosak player. With lots of weapons available, you can customize your character to your liking. Controls look like those from the classic game controller of Nintendo’s family computer (which has been a common user interface for iTouch arcade-type games).

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