Online Dating Website For Clean And Sober People In Recovery


Wow! It simply amazes me that there is an online dating site for clean and sober people in recovery to find clean and sober relationships. Why not? After all, they have as much right as everybody else. is the first dating web site dedicated solely for that purpose.

What I think about this site? I believe this is a very effective site for clean and sober people in recovery find people like them and establish a relationship because of their recovery experiences. That alone can easily help them bond together. The site is created pretty simple for ease of use with search features being straightforward. Search by state, age, gender and even fellowship. The options are all there. Best of all, registering for membership is absolutely totally free! Most people are members in social networking sites so using RecoveryDate is no different in terms of features and functionalities

Checking for new members and using the site’s features are downright easy! RecoveryDate is absolutely a safe and understanding online dating environment. Once you have finished registering and confirmed your account, start using the site and you will find out just how many members there are in RecoveryDate looking for people who enjoy sober love.


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  1. Where are you most likely to meet girls or boys
    1. Malls and Shopping centers
    2. Health Clubs and Spas
    3. Sports Clubs
    4. Restaurtants and Coffee Shops
    5. Dating Sites
    6. Social Networking Sites

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